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Welcome to my weblog. This intro page offers a post compilation – the latest article being about the dawning of an » eco-industrial age. Thanks for reading!

Bee by Elke Barbara Bachler,

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Johammer J1

Re-Thinking the Motorbike. E-Style.

A field report on riding the » Johammer J1.

Light by Elke Barbara Bachler,

Innovation. Balance. Meaning. Culture.

The Kaleidoscope Project on today’s design culture » read article

Chameleon by Margit Voeltz,

Principle 32. And chameleons.

News on biomimicry, nanotechnology & TRIZ » read article

TRIZ Principle 13 - Sewing Machine (

Principle 13.

The other way round – my fav TRIZ principle » read article

Circles by m- o -d,

Circular Economy

Brain it up by doing it circularly » read article

Motivation by Elke Barbara Bachler,

On Motivation and Growth.

Why money’s not the only value we (should) care about » read article

Boxfish by Juergen Mittag,


A link compilation (to be continued) » have a look

Counter by Rainer Sturm,

You will be served.

About » read intro

Seed by Maria Lanznaster,

SEED Memes

A quote collection » open article category

Elke Barbara Bachler

Elke Barbara Bachler

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