Honey Bee (by Elke B. Bachler)

Why I am into TRIZ & Biomimicry.

Janine Benyus predicts the dawning of an eco-industrial age, where production plants are not only eco-friendly, but a prolific part of  the biological cycle. That is quite some revolutionary thinking. But why *not* end the war of jobs versus conservation? And how?

Grey Beam

On Change I

“I really believe SMEs to be the most powerful ‘change players’. The don’t have to change that much to be sustainably disruptive.” #innovation #sustainability #paradigmchange

Vogelhaus 13 (by Kurt Michel, pixelio.de)

TRIZ Principle 13.

Here’s to my favourite principle, number 13 – “The Other Way Round”. It suggests to turn something upside down or to reverse it in order to solve problems. You might want to ask yourself: “What happens if I reverse the process? Or if I do the exact opposite?”