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Eidechse (c) Elke Barbara Bachler

Biognosis Tools

Eidechse (c) Elke Barbara Bachler

In the course of studying “Innovation Management” at the UAS Campus02 in Graz we were trained to use many different creativity techniques to generate and evaluate ideas. When writing my bachelor theses I focused on the combination of TRIZ/TIPS – The Theory of Problem Solving and biomimicry, the approach to study nature and design according to its principles.

BAC Theses Elke Barbara Bachler

In nature, many different successful strategies and elegant technical solutions can be found. TRIZ/TIPS is a method set based on human inventions, documented in patents.

I am still a fan of this combination as it enables really good design – considering social, economic and ecologic values.

Trigger Picture Analysis

For some time now I am thinking about creating a tool to use these sophisticated methods without the need of in-depth prior knowledge. I think the “trigger picture analysis” complies – this method uses pictures to enable new ways of thinking about challenges and solutions.

Therefore I would like to design a set of 40* cards. The front shows a pleasing picture of fauna or flora. The back offers additional information concerning the animal or plant plus suggestions, how the characteristics and strategies can be used in technology and business. That way you can let yourself become inspired, and use existing knowledge for your challenge.

*The number 40 is an insider for TRIZ people – the method set others forty inventive principles, among other things.

Biognosis Card Set Mock-Up (Snail, Lizard, Cheetah)

The cards are a fine, compact tool to use by yourself or when working in teams.

From Cardset to Toolbox

In the next step I came up with the idea to choose the cards at random, using dice. We’ll draw the living beings, and laser engrave wooden cubes with these pictures.


To pre-finance the creation time and production costs, I did two crowdfunding campaigns, one on Startnext and one on Kickstarter. Both campaigns were promising, yet not successful. So I have to rethink the pre-financing – because I really want to create & market the Biognosis Tools. Will keep you updated!