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About kreaWERFT® | 2008-2012

krea is a shortcut for Kreativitaet (creativity). WERFT means shipyard.
It's a metaphor for generating and improving ideas (aka ships) for the market (aka the sea).

Consequently kreaWERFT offers techniques to generate, analyse, evaluate and optimize ideas in order to create innovations.

The company is located in Gaishorn am See, Styria, Austria.
Unfortunately there's no complete English version of this page available at the moment.


Nowadays, innovation is not merely about making money or tech leadership.
It's about ethics, sustainability and well-being.


About the founder and owner Elke Barbara Bachler

I started as a chemical engineer in 1990, switched to being a full-time mother, learned how to design webpages (better teleworking opportunities) and studied innovation management in Graz, Austria (extra-occupational).

Both my bachelor theses are in English:
The Evolution of Innovation - TRIZ Trends and Bionics | The Innovative Mind - Characters and Cybernetics

In 2008 I changed from intrapreneur to entrepreneur and founded the one-woman-company kreaWERFT. I see myself more as a facilitator than a consultant, offering creativity techniques, information brokerage and the design of human networks.

My core competences are Bionik (bionics / biomimetics) and Systematic Innovation (which uses many TIPS/TRIZ tools). My knowledge is especially helpful when sustainable solutions for products, services and processes are looked for.

As my Myers-Briggs type indicator is ENFJ, I am quite good at being the devil's advocate - does not make me sympathetic, but my customers rely on that talent in order to save time and money ;)

In case of questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
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