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The idea counter went online in 2015. At the moment there are only many, many drafts, but no new articles. Hope to rectify that in 2018 2019! Eine Maßnahme dazu – in deutscher Sprache schreiben.

What’s this about?

This is a private weblog. The “idea counter” expresses personal thoughts and findings on different topics, mainly innovation-related ones. There are articles concerning the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ), the art of how to learn from nature (BIOGNOSIS) and sustainable, environmental, economic design (SEED) to be found.

You may want to start with my » test report on the Johammer J1, an electric motorbike from Austria.

Or you might want to have a look at the article concerning my » Biognosis Toolbox  – a product to support you in creative problem-solving.

Author on Johammer J1

Me on the Johammer J1

Some Articles