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Quadratische Schachtel mit einem Kartenbeispiel (Gürteltier, Prinzip Segmentation)

Das ist ein Twitter Thread von meinem kreaWERFT Twitter Konto – daher in englischer Sprache. Enjoy :)


I’m doing a „crowdfunding countdown“ over on » Instagram. Started on Wednesday, with day 40.

The 40th Inventive Principle is about composites, wood is one, I tend to climb up trees when possible … well, there you go, Insta moment!

Ich vor ca. 15 Jahren, auf eine wunderschöne riesige Kiefer kletternd.

The Set

The Biognosis TRIZ Set contains 40 picture cards to work with, based on the Inventive TRIZ Principles. These principles are one result of an extensive patent research, done decades ago. Nonetheless, they’re still holding up!

A central premise of TRIZ is – look for the most irritating dilemma. The one where you’ve got a good idea for solving a problem, but by doing that… creating another one.

Just think usage of fossil energy.
Perfect example imho.

Now the good news – if you can define these „contradicting“ parameters, the dilemma provides you with the perfect sweet spot for really good solutions. The 40 principles are like a success pattern, showing what has proven to work in eliminating the icky trade-off.

Mind, you need to translate. The parameters and the principles are a bit cryptic sometimes. Just give it a try – everything you need is „open source“ and to be found online.

It’s worth a try. ′Cause here’s another TRIZ quality – it helps you to bypass thinking barriers.

Grafik - das TRIZ Basismodell, von der eigenen Frage zur TRIZ-formulierten Frage, dazu die TRIZ-Antwort nehmen und diese übersetzen, auf die eigene Antwort. Damit umgeht man die "Ideen-Barriere" zwischen eigentlicher Frage und Antwort.

I know, I know. It’s a bit much if you’ve never come across this method. However, if you want to start a bit more relaxed … well, you can use the principles all by themselves, too.

Grafik - links Frage, rechts Antwort, dazwischen eine gebirgige "Ideen-Barriere" und darüber, als Umweg, die 40 erfinderischen Prinzipien.

Have to admit – I prefer this way myself. Helps me finding the really tricky questions. The principles get you thinking, looking for best practice examples… and there are SOOO many in nature!


Like this one: the feathery head of dandelion seeds works perfectly for wind transport … an „anti-weight“ by airworthy design so to say.

So … if you want to give it a try and want help to get started – voilá, that’s where my set comes into play! 

It’s made exactly for that… as thought-provoking impulse, playful on a high level, looking at interesting biological archetypes and sensible solutions.

Curious? Perfect! Head over to », have a look and pre-order your own set!

Pollenbeladene Biene in Blume, mit Text: Biognosis - Invent with Nature